Кулинария для мастеров и начинающих


Made in Karelia – sold all over the world

About the company «Yarmarka»

«Yarmarka» is one of the leading companies on the grain market in Russia.

The company made itself known back in 1995 and at present holds a stable position in the food industry. We specialize in producing high quality natural products for healthy diets.

We are situated in Karelia – an ecologically clean region. It is here, in the land of lakes and rivers, that we make our product. We put our soul in it, as if making it for ourselves. Because care about our customers is the work priority for «Yarmarka».

We, «Yarmarka» employees, care about people around the world eating healthy and variably irrespective of their level of culinary skills.

Готовить вкусно и полезно

Видеть возможности развития и давать каждому выбор лучших продуктов.

Генеральный директор Наталья Соколова
«Yarmarka» provides an opportunity to expand your ration and world vision, learn new tastes, products and dishes of different countries, eat tasty and healthy food, develop the culinary mastery, experiment and get pleasure from cooking dishes of various degree of complexity.
Natalia Sokolova
Director General of «Yarmarka»

Our values

  • In our company we can reach our goals only thanks to working together as a team.
  • Every one of us feels part of the company and all decisions are made considering its interests.
  • We encourage responsible attitude to tasks. Thanks to this, our employees always try to fulfill their obligations.
  • We are proud of the fact that our employees are always interested in the life of our company and colleagues.
  • We have no status privileges and all employees treat each other with respect.
  • Each member of the team is always free to share their opinion and each one recognizes the others’ right for a different point of view.
  • We value initiative in the team and are always ready to realize proposed ideas.
  • It is important for us that each team member feel a professional among professionals.
  • We all work on our weak points and constantly improve our qualifications.