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Reliable suppliers
Building long-term and mutually beneficial partner relations with our suppliers is one of the important elements of «Yarmarka» activities.  We cooperate exclusively with reliable suppliers. The company developed and introduced the procedure for Evaluating and selecting suppliers, which includes polling according to the established criteria and audit of suppliers by the laboratory assistance and company technologists. For each raw material item, we carefully select suppliers who correspond to international requirements for product quality and safety, hygiene, quality of processes and technology, which allows us confidently to offer high quality and absolutely safe products to our customers.
Reliable suppliers
Production Standards
According to the introduced system of food stuffs safety management corresponding to the requirements of GOST R ISO 22000-2007 (ISO 22000:2005), including the principles of HACCP, all the raw materials obligatorily undergo several stages of improvements.

The production line has a section for improving the incoming raw materials consisting of a set of equipment for preliminary and final purification of the raw materials.
Preliminary purification:
  • separate destoners for grits and beans, removal of all foreign impurities, such as stones, glass, metals and other heavy impurities;

  • sorting machine MSH (paddy-machine) – removal of shelled grains and impurities different in specific weight from the improved raw material;

  • grain purifying separator with cyclone provides sorting of grits and beans by fraction, separation from large and small impurities, and fraction calibration;

  • single-purpose aspirator removes impurities from the raw material, which differ from the material by their aerodynamic properties;

  • all types of equipment for raw material improvement have installed magnet traps that exclude metal impurities in the product.
Production Standards
Final raw material purification is made on photo separators «Sortex» for removal of product based on color, form and size. Inconsistent raw material is removed from the machine via exhaust pipe for waste. 
The degree of purification after preliminary and final improvement reaches 99,9%.
During the entire purification process the laboratory maintains quality control.
For each product line, modern high precision packing equipment is used.
The entire production process is controlled by our own laboratory for correspondence to the internal company standard, which is significantly higher than the required norms of GOST.