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Analytical Laboratory Opening


On December 18, the grand opening of the Analytical laboratory of research and evaluation of the safety of raw materials and food products took place.

The creation of this laboratory was part of a project with Petrozavodsk State University in the field of food security and the creation of innovative natural food. 

The analytical laboratory will help to solve the problems of providing the population living in the difficult conditions of the North of Russia, with necessary functional food products that are developed on the basis of modern technologies for storing, transporting and processing raw materials. 

We would also like to note that raw materials of predominantly Russian origin will be used, which corresponds to the state program for import substitution.

As a result of the research conducted there, scientifically-based technological and technical solutions will be formed and implemented to promote the creation of production technologies, including functional food products.

 We are sure that with the help of this platform we will create products competitive in the domestic and foreign markets that can enhance Russia's food security, increasing the export potential of domestic producers.

The equipment with which our analytical laboratory is equipped has no analogues in the North-West.

 The laboratory staff received serious professional training for working on high-tech equipment, interacting directly with manufacturers of laboratory equipment. The high level of professional competence of the analytical laboratory staff is confirmed by the positive results of interlaboratory comparative tests.

With the help of this highly technical equipment, we, the only ones in the industry, will be able to evaluate independently all indicators of food quality and safety, in particular: multielement composition, nutrient composition, the level of pesticides, nitrates, determine the water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins, independently conduct product tests for compliance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union "On food safety".